WordPress Web Design Class that Blow Your Mind Out

How Easy to Build A WordPress Website

A 2 days complete wordpress web design class that purposely provide to non IT Guys to learn how to setup and build their own Ecommerce and Company webiste by using WordPress CMS. Is a non coding class yet user can build a fantastic website from nothing to something. 90% of the class is pure tutorial and 10% of the class is sharing the experience that nobody will tell you. 

Web site element

Start Your Online Business

Build Your Own Website By Yourself

Is not A Rocket Science

Nowadays building a website isn’t a job that only can done by Website designer or Web Developers. By using WordPress Content Management system (CMS), you can easily design your own Ecommerce and Company website. If the images, contents, and layout are done prepared,  you may only need a mouse to do it and it may only take 2-3 working days to complete it. No coding will be used during designing the website

70% of web services provider in Malaysia started to use WordPress to build their customer Ecommerce and company website since 2015.  Reason? Because It save lots of time on writing the coding and sometimes the task can be complete by 1 person.

Even some academies also provide a 30 hours WordPress Website Design “Summer Class” (or some call holiday tuition) for kids that just 8 years old and above.

Build it yourself

Manage Your E-Business by yourself

Know what happening on Your Website

Easy to Use

Everyone Can Do it

No need to  learn how to use the coding to design your website. Lots of functions are ready to use. All you need is to move your mouse and drag the functions place on the area you want.


Avoid Over Paid

We manages lot of websites that are not designed by us and we saw lots of the websites are overpaid than what they get. The owner paid for RM 17K something and get a RM5K website.

Self Manage

Avoid Error Happens

Paying for others to build your website? Becareful for the slow response and no updates. 60% of website that ask us to redesign are not be updated for since the year they build.

What you learn in The

Web Design Class

That will Blow Your Mind

You will learn how simple to design and build a website.
Even without IT knowledge you still can  build it by yourself.

Domain and Hosting

5 minutes to setup a domain and hosting. Is like fill in the blank like a dummy. And no technical skills and knowledge are needed during the Setup. 

Make Your Website Online

Make your Web Site Go online. Make your visitor can view your website from their smart phone or computer.

Learn The Setting

By understanding those settings are use for and you can start to design your website. And those setting will not corrupt your website. You still can change the setting if you found you don’t like it. 

Design Your Online Shop

Is hard to design a cool website when we are not a Graphic Designer. But no worry. As per mentioned, there are millions of theme are waiting for you. Just install it and change some the layout and pictures.

Pay Online

You Only need 5 minutes to setup your payment gate and you can let your customer make payment on your website. No coding will be used during the setup. (Registration might take few days)

Mobile Responsive Layout

You can design your tablet and smartphone layout to avoid your website will have bad layout customization in smartphone layout. Also, no coding is needed. 

Some Extra Bonus that no one will tell you

We not only teach you how to build your website
But we also will share our experience with you.
This are something that outsider will not tell you

Content Blueprint

A content writing formula that will increase customers trust on your company and build up your company branding image. No need to be a pro writer or hire a pro writer to do that for you. This a formula that can be apply by 12 years old kid.

Product Blueprint

Customers will not take their money out to buy your items if they don’t understand your product. A good product description can help your business increase sales. This concept also can use in your video. And ya, lots of big company also using it.

Image Editor

No need to use photoshop to remove your image background and to edit your image. In the class we will teach how to do The important is Free. You only need to register an account with your facebook and use it.

Boost Web Loading Speed

Optimize your web loading speed. Don’t let your customer wait too long for read and view your product. Else they will click the “X” in the chrome tab. No Coding will learn in this sections too. 

Company Email

Stop Using Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail as your company email. It feel so weird if using those emails as your company emails. In the class we will teach you how to setup your company email in 5 mins


Installing Facebook Pixels and Messenger in your website to help you to do re-targeting for your FB ads. 


Let Us know if you want to
explore the website you build at here.


Carton Box Manufacturer


Industry Services Website

Gift Supplier

Dried Snacks

Who Can Attend?


After 3 years  and tried more than 30 methods, we had figure out a web design class that very suitable for Non IT background people to design their own ecommerce and company website. By go through our wordpress web design class,  you can start to build your own ecommerce and company website. And yes, it been proven by our students. 

In year 2020, We been invited by 3 companies to teach their graphic designers and office admin how to use wordpress to design their company websites. After completing the class, they only use 10-12 working days to complete the task including the time of meeting with boss, image editing, photo shooting, content writing, spelling and price checking, layout design and etc. And here is one of their website Mygiftplanner.

A Real Estate agent, also Non IT background. Started to design his Landing Pages for Facebook advertising after complete the class.

A marketing person also can design her own E commerce after attending the class. She only use 2 days to done her website layout design.

1 Class Only

A 2 days website design class that will cover all the things you need to know how setup your own Online Business or company site. No any advanced or professional class will be addon after finish class. 

No Coding Need

No coding will be used during the web design class because we are not using a single coding to do the design. This is a class that purposely build for Non IT background persons and for easy them to design their own website.  

LifeTime Support

1 on 1 Whatsapp or Zoom Lifetime support is provided. Once you have any question, you can contact us through our whatsapp. For zoom user, please do make an appointment with us, we will arrange the time for you once we have free slots. 

What our Students Said
thaya Student

After attend the class, i just know how simple to build a web site nowadays. Without knowing the coding, i can build a website by myself. And this save me lots of money.

步骤清晰, 教导也非常有耐心, 而且还会依据个人对网页的需求调整课程内容。非常感谢课程后依然耐心回答我对设计网页时遇见的问题, 原来以前一直认为的 ‘难’ 一点都不难, 网页设计原来可以如此简单轻松,多变化 而且还不需要学coding 。 原本对网页设计一窍不通, 现在也成功把老板的网站给设计好了。感恩遇见如此好的老师。

Suitable for beginners to learn website design. Recommended for people who never touch website bofore.