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MALAYSIA Style Facebook Ads


By Using the Golden Rules and Formula that been tested by Shenny Q within these 2 years. We get a good results in Facebook Ads. By average spending RM 70 per week, we can  get average RM 1400++ Sales per weeks.

About Our Facebook Class

Tell you the Correct Path

on How to do your facebook ads

A 1 Days Class that will change your Facebook Ads Marketing Mind. Directly tell you what should do and what shouldn’t do in your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Golden Rules and Formulas that will attract Facebook Users Eyeball and easily get them to drop you a message. Also help you  to understand Malaysia Facebook Users behavior.  

A 2 days Web Design Class which can custom made for your business request. 1 on 1 live Teaching. On spot teach how to setup your website from nothing to something. Class is Not Video or Slide Teaching. In the class, there will have No Showing off, No Singing, No Dancing, No Motivation Talk. 100%  Pure Lesson Teaching.