Learn how to Build Better WordPress Website with Shenny Q . The 1st Company in Malaysia that provide 1 on 1 WordPress Web Design Course in Chinese. Teaching Newbies how to build their own Ecommerce, Company website and Landing Page From 0 To Hero.

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1 On 1 WordPress Course

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A Easy yet Powerful Web Design Course that create for Non IT Based People or Newbie. Teach you how to build a better website in 2 Days lesson. Our WordPress Web design course is available to customize for your own business, Property Website, Landing Page, Snack Store, Fashion Stock and ETC. Tell Us what website you need for.

The most complited and Detail WordPress Web Design Class in Malaysia. Every Steps and Chapters is present by Live, all the lesson you learned are 100% Latest Version. Every Lessons will be recorded during the coaching time, you will get your own Course video after class Finish.

坦白说,上了那么多课程,很难遇到一个那么用心的老师。老师在上课的时候不是用他的专语来教导,而是用教导小白的语言来教导我,所以很容易明白。假如在上课的时候不明白没关系,还可以终身看回video。再不明白也没关系,当在网站建设再遇到问题时,还可以问老师。这个是重点,我几乎没有遇过上完课后还有什么不明白还可以信息老师,而且老师是很短的时间就回复你,不是等个两三天才回复你。老师还是一个很有耐性的人,会step by step的解决你遇到的问题。我个人认为学费绝对值回票价,因为我在老师的教导下,在短短的两个星期成功做出了属于自己的网站。在这里真的真心谢谢老师,感谢您的细心教导
Casmon Wong
步骤清晰, 教导也非常有耐心, 而且还会依据个人对网页的需求调整课程内容。非常感谢课程后依然耐心回答我对设计网页时遇见的问题, 原来以前一直认为的 ‘难’ 一点都不难, 网页设计原来可以如此简单轻松,多变化 而且还不需要学coding 。 原本对网页设计一窍不通, 现在也成功把老板的网站给设计好了。感恩遇见如此好的老师。
Elrain Hong

Get Coach by 9 Years Exp

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We’ve intentionally sought out more than 100 tutorials around the world and redesigned it to a brand new courses that suitable for Newbies.

Each chapter has been hand-picked for our 9 years experience and unique perspective. Every single chapter has been designed to grow your skillset and hourly rate.

What else is there to say? Great course make great training material which, in turn, makes you great at designing your own website. Let’s get started today!

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WordPress Web design is not a hard job. Even people start to teach Children at age 12 how to use WordPress to design a website. The only thing you need is a experienced Tutor to show you correct steps and correct tools to use.

Thousand of Free pre-designed templates let you to choose, no need to worry have no ideal how to design you website. All you need to do is replace the content and pictures in the pre-designed templates

Something About Shenny Q Web Design

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Shenny Q is a Malaysia based Website Design Class that especially offers web design courses for Non IT Persons/Beginner. In Year 2019, Shenny Q started imparting web design techniques and skills to various personal or organization. We offer training that help participant understand how to build and design Ecommerce and Company Websites.

We have used 1 Years and tried for 30 over methods to design a Complete Functional website that can use for Ecommerce and Company Website. Finally we come out a simple and easy Non Coding Based Web Design Methods that able let beginner to build a website immediately upon completion of the training. We also teach participants the concepts and principles of how to design a good website. The concept and how to apply the skill when designing a website is must.

The course instructor, Mr. Ang, was been invited by 3 companies in Year 2020 to teach their Graphic Designers to build a Proper Website for their companies. Based on his full and solid career experience in web design, he totally understand how to give a complete training to a beginner and makes them succeed to design their own Website.