Learn How to Build Website in 8 Hr

Hey! Welcome to Shenny Q. We are a Malaysia Company that providing a non coding Web Design Course – WordPress. Teach Newbies how to build their own Ecommerce or Company website without using any web coding.

What Special About Us

Malaysia 1 on 1 FROM 0 To 100
WordPress Web Design Class

Spend 3 Years of times and tried 30++ different methods to find a web design class which is designed for Beginner/ Newbies/ Non IT based

A 2 days Web Design Class which can custom made for your business request. 1 on 1 live Teaching. On spot teach how to setup your website from nothing to something. Class is Not Video or Slide Teaching. In the class, there will have No Showing off, No Singing, No Dancing, No Motivation Talk. 100%  Pure Lesson Teaching.

Why Do it yourself?

Is Easy to Learn and Use

In Year 2020, 35% of the websites are are using WordPress as Content Management System(CMS). Even Microsoft Official New Center is using WordPress  as their website CMS

In Malaysia, 70% of the Web Design Companies/Freelance are using WordPress to help customer build their Ecomemrce or  Company website. 

By Using WordPress, they can save lots of times. They only need to install the correct tools and a beautiful layout. Then just change the pictures and contents for you. And this is how the website done in Year 2020.

And in Year 2020

We been invited by 3 Companies to conduct their Graphic Designers how to build and design Ecommerce and Company website. Help them Save more than RM10K on Web Design Fees.  

After complete the course, those graphic designers only use 12 working days to build their websites.  Including image design, photo shooting and Content Writing(Mostly 70% of the time is using in image editing, spelling checking, paragraph checking and layout design).  


2 Fresh Graduated Graphic Designers who joined our class in Year 2017 and 2018 get BETTER salary increment and jobs compare with others. 

Amazing Class

We might be a small company and new into the business, but we had conducts lots of participants from different industries and we’re glad to be a part of their success. We hope to be a part of yours too!


In the class, we will teach you how to use the Correct tools and Correct methods to build your own E-commerce or Company website by yourself. We also teach you how to design the layout, the formula how to write a content and product descriptions. How to integrate courier company with your website.

Call us if you’d like yours Website to be here too.

Something About ShennyQ

Shenny Q is a Malaysia based Website Design Class that especially offers web design courses for Non IT Persons/Beginner. In Year 2019, Shenny Q started imparting web design techniques and skills to various personal or organization. We offer training that help participant understand how to build and design Ecommerce and Company Websites.

We have used 3 Years and tried for 30 over methods to design a Complete Functional website that can use for Ecommerce and Company Website. Finally we come out a simple and easy Non Coding Based Web Design Methods that able let beginner to build a website immediately upon completion of the training. We also teach participants the concepts and principles of how to design a good website. The concept and how to apply the skill when designing a website is must. 

The course instructor, Mr. Ang, was  been invited by 3 companies in Year 2020 to teach their Graphic Designers to build a Proper Website for their companies.

Based on his full and solid career experience in website design, he totally understanding how to give a complete training to a beginner and what makes beginner succeed  to design their own Ecommerce or Company website.